Upcoming BCS Talk - Daniel Russel

Published on 15 October 2014

Teaching 150K+ students at a time: The PowerSearchingWithGoogle.com story

Just wanted to let you know about an upcoming talk that is being hosted by BCS Aberdeen, which I thought might interest you. The talk is entitled ****, by Daniel Russell - Senior Research Scientist at Google:

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have become incredibly popular in just the past 12 months. Many MOOCs have had more that 100K students register for their courses. Is this the future of online education? Or is it yet-another passing fancy in the educational technology parade? In the past 12 months we have run three MOOCs with more than 280K registrants. I'll talk about what MOOCs are, how they're actually run, the social community of learners that are essential for making MOOCs succeed, and what seems to work (and not work) in MOOCs. Along the way, I'll talk a bit about how people seem to actually learn how to search... and do sensemaking as a task. I'll also show evidence that behaviors learned in the MOOC persist after the end of class.

If you are interested in attending this event, full details can be found here.


Room N311, RGU, Riverside East Building, Garthdee Road, Aberdeen

About the speaker

Daniel Russell is the Uber Tech Lead for Search Quality and User Happiness in Mountain View. He earned his PhD in computer science, specializing in artificial intelligence until he realized that magnifying and understanding human intelligence was his real passion. Twenty years ago he foreswore AI in favor of HI, and enjoys teaching, learning, running and music, preferably all in one day. He worked at Xerox PARC before it was PARC.com, and was in the Advanced Technology Group at Apple, where he wrote the first 100 web pages for www.apple.com using SimpleText and a stone knife. He also worked at IBM and briefly at a startup that developed tablet computers before the iPad.

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