Scottish Meetup Network

Published on 10 December 2011


With the help of some fellow minded User Group leaders across Scotland, we have established the "Scottish Meetup Network".

At present, this network does not have any web presence (and we are not sure whether it ever will), instead it exists solely as a Google Group. It is a place where UG Leaders in Scotland can post questions, share information, and organise combined events and speakers.

One of the benefits of this type of group is clarity about what events are coming up, and thanks to the guys at techmeetup, we are now sharing their "Open Tech Calendar" which they run. This means that I will be posting all the ADNUGUK meetings to this calendar, and vice versa, you will be able to see other events that are coming up in Scotland.

I have created a page on this site here, that reproduces the Open Tech Calendar for ease of remembering where it is.

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