November 2013 Meeting - Max Vasilyev talks about Unit Testing

Published on 03 November 2013

Aberdeen Developers are pleased to present a talk by Max Vasilyev on Thursday 17th November 2013 at the Robert Gordon University.

From zero to 1000 tests in 6 months

Not every team in the industry is writing automated tests. And it is very difficult to convince everyone on the team and especially business people, that tests must be written. That initial leap from no tests to some test is the most difficult and many people give up on that stage.

I would like to talk how we managed to jump that gap and started to write tests in our every-day process. Topics discussed:

  • ADD: Annoyance Driven Development
  • Isolation Frameworks
  • Dependency Injection
  • Automocking container
  • continuous Integration
  • Reflection in tests
  • Unit or no unit test?
  • Books review

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Speaker Bio

Max Vasilyev is Senior Developer and QA Manager is Solutions Aberdeen. He have been working with .Net for the last 3 years and before that he worked as a developer in SQL Server.

In the past year he increased his interest in automated testing of the software, as he got very frustrated with constant bugs and shady coding techniques.

So the last year was a constant uphill battle with the business to improve coding quality and increase code test coverage.

The battle is not won yet, but now business agrees that tests are important and any team using Agile must have tests.

Agenda – Thursday, 21st October 2013

  • 1800 - 1815: Arrival and registration
  • 1815 - 1820: Introduction
  • 1820 - 2000: From zero to 1000 tests in 6 months
  • 2000 onwards: Questions and drinks at the bar

Prize Draw

All attendees will be entered into a prize draw, with the chance of winning one of the prizes listed here.

Location and Directions

Venue: Riverside East Building, Garthdee Campus, Aberdeen, Aberdeen City AB10 7QQ, GB Directions: Map showing Garthdee Campus


Slides and extra links from the talk are available on Max's blog.

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