Microsoft Exams

Published on 31 October 2014

Those who have been trying to book Microsoft Exams in recent months will be fully aware of the lack of local test centres in Aberdeen. Unfortunately, there still appears to be a lack of any long term commitment for any new test centres, but Aberdeen Developers have been informed that there is some availability at a private session that has been organised at Aberdeen College on 27th November at 9am.

Aberdeen College are a Pearson Vue partner who don't normally offer certification externally but Andrew at Motion Software has managed to arrange the use of this test centre for his team. He has kindly offered the remaining spaces to our members for a small fee (£5-£10) over the standard exam cost. Anyone looking to sit any Microsoft Exams should contact Andrew via his email [andrew]'at'[motionsoftware]'dot'[co]'dot'[uk] for more details.

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