Job Vacancy: Aberdeen .Net Developer

Published on 12 January 2013

Aberdeen Developers have been asked to promote the following job vacancy. If you are interested in the position, then please contact Anthony on


AMEC – Engineering Consultancy (Aberdeen – City Gate Branch)


.Net Developer

No. of Roles



Flexible depending on experience. Happy to pay what is required for the right talent

Role Details and Qualifications

AMEC are revamping much of their internal technical infrastructure, and require a number of highly competent .Net developers to oversee the continual improvement and maintenance of these business critical systems.

So what do the systems do?

Well they cover a whole wealth of different activity in a global organisation... and it is crucial to AMEC that these systems are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The systems that AMEC use cover things like project delivery... including systems and tools to track assets, all their capital and infrastructure, as well as software that the Business PMs use to monitor anything from staff to capital output.

Technical environment is front to back C#, .Net, Oracle.

Why do this job?

The variety of the role is exceptional, you're not working or supporting the same systems and tools every day. There is no red tape or politics, you're expected to hit the ground running and take responsibility for your work, right the way through the SDLC.

The position could move into more of a Technical Business Analyst role over time should you wish it. Alternatively you could move more into a Solutions Architect type role if you showed suitable enterprise.

There are opportunities across the globe if you should ever get bored. AMEC always try to retain their staff where possible and have one of the highest employee satisfaction rates in Scotland.

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