ADNUGUK – May 2012 Meeting

Published on 03 May 2012

Aberdeen Developers are pleased to present a talk by Rob Lally on Thursday 24th May 2012 at the Robert Gordon University.

Jedi Mind Control 101

Control others with the power of your mind.

Make colleagues your unthinking puppets.

Bludgeon those who oppose you with your force of will.

Gain mastery of your enemies [Sith, Ewoks, Humanoid Resources].

Or, for the gentler amongst you, learn some practical techniques to help you effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas to others. The art of ethical persuasion. (No previous Force training necessary)

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Speaker Bio

Over the years, Rob Lally (@roblally) has written software for a variety of environments: decision support software for the NHS, PoS systems for wet environments, and financial solutions for investment banks. He's built software to track cucumber consumption in Florida restaurants, diagnose retinal degeneration in diabetes sufferers and handle single-day, multi-billion dollar financial transactions.

Rob, and the teams he managed, have built software that has won multiple, international awards for innovation and creativity; empowering the businesses he worked for to generate record breaking profits.

Process, tools, technology or platform: Rob is convinced that there's always a better way to do things, and he spends a lot of time looking for it. He hopes you can benefit from his investment.

He's now a senior engineer at enterprise social network company Yammer [].

Agenda - Thursday, 24th May 2012

  • 1800 - 1815: Arrival and registration
  • 1815 - 1820: Introduction
  • 1820 - 1930: Jedi Mind Control 101
  • 1930 onwards: Questions and drinks at the bar

Prize Draw

All attendees will be entered into a prize draw, with the chance of winning one of the prizes listed here.

Location and Directions

Venue: Room A12, RGU Building, St Andrews Street, Aberdeen, AB25 1HG Directions: Map showing St Andrews Street

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