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August 2014 Meeting - Shawn Wildermuth - Completed

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Slides and Code from Web API 2 Talk

You can find the Slides and Code that Shawn presented here. If you want to get in touch with Shawn, you can use his twitter account @ShawnWildermuth


For everyone who was lucky enough to win a prize from one of our sponsors, I have requested all of the prizes. If you haven’t heard anything, please get in touch, and I will try to sort this out.


As those of you who attended will know, I forgot to take the feedback forms with me, so I am reverting to using SurveyMonkey for this session. If you would like to provide feedback for this session, then you can do so here.

Everyone who was registered to attend the event should have received an email from SurveyMonkey about the above feedback form.